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The new Post Workout blend has gotten LEAN!


There’s a new kid on the block!
It’s the latest from our favourite supplement brand – True Protein.
And it’s one you really ought to get to know!

Introducing… Lean Post!

As you may have guessed, Lean Post has been formulated for consumption post-workout. The idea is to replenish the nutrients you’ve just depleted during your training – ergo, enhancing your ability to recover quicker.

So many of you have had great results with the original True Post blend! Lean Post differs from the original Post in that it does not contain dextrose (powdered glucose) – the carbohydrate component. Lean Post has the same great quality protein, amino acids, and creatine as the regular Post, minus the carbohydrates.

The reason that carbohydrate featured in the original Post blend is because it replenishes depleted glycogen (glucose stored in your muscles and liver) and helps facilitate the absorption of protein and other nutrients into your muscles. It thereby enhances your ability to rebuild your muscles and efficiently recover.

The way that carbohydrates help to facilitate nutrient absorption is by the release of insulin. A soon as the sweet receptors on your tongue detect sweetness, insulin is secreted which then works to shuttle protein and other nutrients into your muscles.

So, for someone that wants to increase their muscle quality, strength and ability to recover, insulin is super helpful!

Segway on Sweeteners

Interestingly though, more recent research has shown that there are also sweet taste buds further down your digestive tract (in case you dodged your tongue), and there are also the exact same sweet taste buds on your pancreas, and then again in your fat cells; your fat cells have a sweet tooth!

There have been recent studies in which they’ve injected sweeteners to bypass the gastrointestinal tract. This activated the sweet taste receptors on fat cells signaling them to hold onto fat. At the same time, it sends a message to the body to secrete Insulin. So, what happens is when you have a sweetener your body thinks sugar’s coming so you’ll release insulin which says to your body, “There is sugar available, don’t burn fat.”

The original Post blend is, therefore, a wonderful choice if you’re in the business of increasing mass, strength and maximising recovery. If you’re lean and not looking to burn fat, then the extra carbohydrates offered in the original Post blend are advantageous due to the insulin spike and glucogen replenishment it offers right after a workout.

If you have body fat you’re looking to shed, Lean Post may be right for you in that it can help to support your training whilst in a calorie deficit thereby allowing you to maintain your current muscle mass and inherent metabolic rate. If you have extra body fat and/or consume any amount of calorie surplus then chances are your glycogen stores are already going to be reasonably full. Regardless of how depleted or full your glycogen stores are, insulin has an incredible work ethic- it will work to lower blood glucose levels by storing it away. When muscle and liver glycogen is full, fat cells will readily store glucose as fat… and they have no maximum capacity!

So, do I Choose Original Post or Lean Post?

In summary, it is clear that there is no black and white answer to which you should choose to use. In fact, the choice that is best for you will change concurrently with your lifestyle and training habits.

The most important thing is that you’re supporting your training, lifestyle, and hormonal production well through the food that you’re consuming. This is going to mean something different for everyone and it’s going to mean something different for everyone at varying points of life.

Coach Jamie will be able to provide a little more individualised guidance for you and if you’re still stuck for choice enquire about running a 5-Day Nutrient Analysis Report to determine not only which Post blend will support you best, but to ensure your current eating habits measure up!

Nutrition is key, Niche Ninja’s! The True Post bends will support you and your training goals- get on it!


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