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Xander Sumich



Coach / Admin


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Senior’s First Aid
Working with Children
Former WA Gymnastics Intermediate Coach

Trainer Introduction
Approachable. Authentic. Respectful.
Xander participated in numerous sports growing up – Track and field, football, swimming, cricket and many others. But it was the sport of Gymnastics that took up most of his time. From 2004-2019 he competed at both a state and national level for gymnastics, earning medals in both. After his gymnastics career, he tried his best to maintain an active lifestyle by lifting weights and various social sports. But after a few years of this, he looked for a more competitive and structured form of training. In 2022 he started his CrossFit journey and it’s safe to say he took to it like a fish out of water.
Why CrossFit?
Irrespective of someone’s fitness level, the right workout makes everyone feel the same afterwards. Whether your legs are jelly from box jumps, or your lungs are on fire from Fran, everyone can relate to these feelings. Yes, some people get through quicker than others but everyone has strengths and weaknesses. And CrossFit’s community celebrates peoples strengths but also provides a space where they can work on their weaknesses.

Why Coaching?
I have spent a huge portion of my life learning about the numerous sports I have participated in. In a few of those sports the coaches were some of my best role models whilst I was growing up. Spending extra time after practice to help me both in or out of the gym. Naturally, I want to be like them and pass on to others what they have taught me.

Favourite WOD

Least Favourite WOD
CrossFit Open 24.1

Top Coaching Tip
Consistency is key!

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