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Everybody’s favorite neighbour, Mr. Bessie himself is our latest Athlete of the Month. After several years of persuasion (and as a result of winning over the love of Bessie), Nik finally decided to come and check out what all the fuss was about by throwing down of the Niche dance floor… and he’s been hooked ever since! Itching to improve on his new found skills, Nik’s repertoire now includes weekly weightlifting and gymnastics classes in addition to CrossFit. After seven months of training, Nik has built on his preexisting fitness seeing huge improvements in all aspects of health! His strength, fitness, flexibility and social life at work have improved tremendously! We are so damn grateful to have Nik, Bessie and now Linda (Mrs. Bessie) a part of the Niche community.

Why did you start CrossFit
So… After a good few years of relentless invitation, I decided that all the people running through my car park playing bad music & sweating appeared to be enjoying themselves. Also, the fact that my dog was hanging out there more than she was with me meant it couldn’t be that bad.

What is your most memorable moment to date?
Most recently it would be Kyle making me do the Double Unders in the open. There is nothing more I love than doing something I’m really bad at in front of a large group of people.

What is your most and least favourite WOD or movement?
I don’t mind a good lot of Thrusters, Box jumps, Squats or a spin on the bike, although probably not together. Currently, Double Unders and running are on the most hated list, but I’m hoping that will change soon.

What tip would you give someone just starting in CrossFit?
It is more fun than it looks contrary to how dead everyone looks after a tough workout. You’ll feel pretty good!

What keeps you coming back to CrossFit?
I enjoy the challenge of something new to learn. With ever-changing workouts, there is always something to learn or to improve on. Also, for me being next door, it’s gonna be pretty hard to avoid the many daily invites to come join in the WOD.

What is one random, non-CrossFit ‘thing’ about yourself?
Sometimes between doing a WOD, drinking coffee or making stuff for the gym, I actually get some work done. Very hard to believe, but it’s true.