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1 Oct, 2020

This Athlete of the Month started his CrossFit journey in April 2016 and caught the CrossFit bug the moment he walked in the door. A family man, a business owner, a cyclist, a golf enthusiast, a keen guitarist and now with all his ‘spare time’…a CrossFitter. Never one to let an opportunity pass to get out or get something done, it’s safe to he doesn’t do things half assed and his improvements over the past 10 months are a great reflection of this. Always bouncing in the gym with a big smile and time for a chat with everyone he greets. He’s the first to jump at the chance for a friendly prank or a practical joke so we thought it was only fair we returned the favour. Huge congratulations to MATT. M, our awesome AOTM.

Why did you start CrossFit?
I had been cycling fairly hard for a few years and the motivation to train over winter on the bike when it’s cold and dark was raining. I figured that CrossFit would be a way to keep some strength during winter and give me a bit of a break from the cycling. Winter finished and I was having more fun with CrossFit than cycling so I kept going with it.

What is your most memorable moment?
It’s hard to isolate one moment. It’s a buzz when you struggle with a certain movement and then it clicks and you can complete it. Lots of mini milestones keep you motivated to keep coming back.

What is your most and least favourite WOD or movement?
I don’t really have a most or least favourite WOD/movement. I like the longer WOD’s that get you to the edge of your ability/fitness and when you finish you feel like you really accomplished something. This week my favourite movement is practicing a hand stand. It’s slowly getting better. Next week it will probably be something totally different. Movements I struggle with that I feel I should be better at but just need more practice are wall balls, thrusters and burpees!

What tip would you give someone just starting in CrossFit?
Relax and enjoy the process. You won’t be able to do much at the start but if you listen to your coaches, use a suitable scaling option or weight and be consistent with showing up you will be amazed at how much you improve. Don’t compare yourself to others as they are on a different journey. Concentrate on moving well and later you can increase the speed or the weight that your moving.

What is one random, non-CrossFit ‘thing’ about yourself?
I have a very obsessive personality. My wife and I went on holiday with a group of friends. One of them brought down a guitar and played it. At that moment I was hooked on guitars. I’m a terrible musician and have no natural ability but it’s the one thing i’m happy to do while I accept I’ll never be great at. Many years later I have a sound proof guitar room, a nice collection of guitars and double garage full of workshop equipment to make them. A few years back I entered an online competition to make an acoustic guitar and came 2nd. 180 hrs of work over 6 weeks while working full time… (obsessive…) Pretty stoked with that, they even sent me some money. Here’s a clip of my teacher playing the guitar.

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