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1 Sep, 2020

Katie… the ultimate pocket rocket and the epitome of all that is “Respect the Process”. Katie started her journey at Niche by diving head first into the GymNASTY Strength & skill session, rarely missing a class! Her vibrant demeanor means that when she does, her absence is heavily felt. With her big contagious smile and character to boot, Katie lights up a room and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, like an Edison bulb in a Fremantle café. She ventured into the CrossFit realm thanks to last months Athlete of the Month, Des!

Once Des finally convinced Katie to partner with her for the Bring a Friend WOD, Katie readily discovered that she is to CrossFit what peas are to carrots. Primarily due to her go-getter attitude, but also because she had built such a wonderful foundation of strength and skills in the Gymnastics classes which transferred seamlessly into CrossFit. Aside from her (reluctant) rest day on Fridays, Katie’s presence brings sheer delight to the coaching team and to those that are lucky enough to train with her on a daily basis!

Why did you start CrossFit?
Well after so many months of just doing gymnastics, I guess I was curious about CrossFit, and Des asking me to be her partner for the Bring a Friend WOD was just the push I needed.

What is your most memorable moment to date?
I’ve had so many fun moments, but one of my most memorable would probably be in weightlifting when I did a hang split snatch – totally on purpose of course, the hang power clean and split jerk on the whiteboard was just a suggestion 😉

What is your most and least favourite WOD or movement?
If you asked me a month ago, I would have definitely said the air bike, however I feel we have bonded during the ski-erg challenge… well that might be a stretch but for now I’ll say my least favourite is the wall ball and my favourite would be handstand push-ups.

What tip would you give someone just starting in CrossFit?
One of my favourite things about CrossFit is that there is always something you can improve. So my tip to someone starting out is that we are all still learning, so just enjoy the journey – and Respect the Process!

What keeps you coming back to CrossFit?
What else am I going to do with all my excess energy?

What is one random, non-CrossFit ‘thing’ about yourself?
I am a mother of dragons, two Western Bearded Dragons to be precise. Cooper and Raptor are two little lizards that love a shoulder ride and to cuddle and watch TV.

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