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“The Unwritten Rules of CrossFit”- a subject that hundreds of people have written about, of which I’m sure you’ve all read dozens… at least. Whilst there are many different versions, generally they all aim to deliver a very similar message.

This usually encompasses (but is not limited to) honesty, support, patience, fun, safety and of course, the essential “check your ego at the door”– my favourite!

In other words, “there is no room for judgment here – none of yourself, nor others”. Lucky for all of us, we’re involved in a sport which readily dishes out support and encouragement within the community.

This resonates so much with me because before I was introduced to CrossFit, I suffered severely with ‘comparisonitis’– a chronic disease (totally scientific) that is hopelessly debilitating. Never you mind that Wikipedia doesn’t list it- it’s a real disease. Comparisonitis does not discriminate; in fact I’m sure most of us have experienced it, at some point.

It is the act of using a comparison of ones achievements against another’s, in order to measure relative importance… totally toxic!

Additionally, comparisonitis usually occurs with the belief that there is an ‘end goal’; a place that one would arrive at and be happy and at peace:

“Once I reach ‘that’ goal, I’ll be happy.”
“Once I have a double body weight deadlift, I’ll be happy.”
“Once I lose the last 5, 10, 15 kilos, I’ll be happy.”
“Once I have a sub-5 minute Fran time, I’ll be happy.”

Don’t get me wrong here; I am a big believer in having goals. In fact I think they’re essential for success in CrossFit, and in all aspect of life! What I am getting at is that comparing ourselves to others and/or waiting for that end goal in order to allow ourselves to be ‘happy’ may well hinder the pace at which we reach them.

I encourage the use of fellow training friends who may be a little faster or stronger, as a motivator to step up a level. However, the trap of comparisonitis in relation to others times and scores is best avoided.

Rather than getting down about the fact that your 1rm snatch was a few kilos lighter than the person next to you, allow yourself to focus internally.

Deep down we know that we’re in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing for ourselves. And hell, that is something to be happy about!

In addition to this, constant wishing for our ‘ideal’ numbers/scores/weights is essentially wishing away the journey!

CrossFit is a journey of personal discovery and growth that touches on, and positively influences our physical, mental, social and spiritual health. I could write about these positive impacts for days, but I wouldn’t be telling you anything you didn’t already know. The point is that these wonderful benefits are available every time we walk through the doors at Niche- I know you’ve all felt them! You deserve these benefits now, just as much as you do when you “lose that weight” or “nail that PR”.

Our ego often tells us that we should’ve or could’ve” done ‘that’ better. Leave it at the door.

In fact, banish it all together!

Focus on the benefits, how quickly you achieve your goals, and most importantly- the amount of happiness and fulfillment you will gain from the whole process.

–  Jamie