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Since joining the Niche Fam, Gordie has swallowed the CrossFit pill hook, line and sinker! His charismatic charm and goofy grin won us over in an instant and he fit into the community at Niche like an old shoe.

Coming to Niche he him a couple of years of experience but since then, his dedication to training, Gymnastics classes and pure grit saw him rapidly adding multiple tricks and skills to his CrossFit repertoire. All the while gaining exceptional strength and fitness at an alarming rate, leading to a podium finish in his first-ever individual CrossFit competition! He placed 2nd at Frantic Day Out and 7th at the team competition – Rumble in the Jungle.

Why did you start CrossFit?
I stopped playing footy after school and started doing a lot of powerlifting instead. Even though I was getting stronger, I didn’t feel fit anymore. So I was drawn to CrossFit because it incorporated both strength and conditioning. After my first session, I was hooked!

What is your most memorable moment to date?
Getting the athlete of the month before Baxter.

Some close seconds would be; doing my first open earlier this year. It was a lot of fun cheering everyone on and being encouraged by others as well. It really made me appreciate how great the community is at Niche. Competing at Frantic day out was also highlight, it was great seeing everyone get clean PB’s during the second WOD.

What is your most and least favourite WOD or movement?
Favourite WOD: Anything with muscle-ups
Least favourite: Anything Nate writes

What tip would you give someone just starting in CrossFit?
Try not to scrape your shins with the barbell.

What keeps you coming back to CrossFit?
The community. You know you’re onto a good thing when going to the gym is the best part of your day. It’s great to be able to hang out with a bunch of like-minded people who also enjoy spending their free time lifting heavy objects.

What is one random, non-CrossFit ‘thing’ about yourself?
I’m terrified of frogs