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1 Sep, 2020

Each month we have a handful of people on our radar for the coveted title of Athlete of the Month. This month was no different. If we are torn, we place our decision making in the hands of the true scientific method of the coin toss. Jokes. This month we actually have our first repeat offender (what we are saying is they are clearly our favourite person and/or the Mexican drug dealer effect from Niche Olympics is still rife). Our Athlete of the Month for July is…CANDICE!!!! Why has Candice been crowned AOTM yet again over other deserved recipients? The commitment Candice shows to our community (there, I said it) is unsurpassed. She is the most constant face at every competition whether competing or not, puts her heart and soul into every event we host (you will experience this if you are ever in her team!), puts ribbons in our hair so we look beautiful, makes the effort to meet and greet all members and has made some solid gains in her training over the past three months by chipping away at her weaknesses. This won’t happen many times, but we absolutely couldn’t look away from the input Candice has into our Niche Fam. Some different questions for our Athlete of the Month…

In one sentence, how do you describe CrossFit to your non-CrossFit buddies?
Ummmm I tried but it’s impossible for me to describe in one sentence…
– Amazing! Completely addictive, I’m totally hooked. It’s not a cult although it wouldn’t be a bad one to be a member of ha!
– It’s constantly varied movements such as gymastics, rowing, running and weightlifting so it keeps you engaged and wanting to learn more, in a super supportive community like no other.35662da0-135a-44ca-8a5d-7f14fde6bfcb
– It’s completely scaleable so anyone and everyone can do it! Changing people for the better!
– Ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

If you could choose any celebrity to WOD with, who would it be and why?
Usain Bolt aka Lightning Bolt! So he could teach me how to run super fast! And so that I could be able to smile at the end of it.

Favourite artist/song to squat to?
Beyonce of course! Currently loving the new tunes in the gym! So good in fact I’ve not been able to resist the odd dance break in the middle of a WOD.

What sport are you most likely due to miss training for to watch during the Rio Olympics?
I have TiVo so I’m unlikely to miss training as I can record all my favourite events. If I didn’t have TiVo though it would be Artistic gymnastics and the 100m sprint!

Smooth or crunchy peanut butter?
Smooth all the way!

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