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Ray Hodgkinson


Ray Hodgkinson

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
Working with Children
Senior First Aid

Trainer Introduction
Tall. Hairy. Canadian.

Ray first got his feet wet in CrossFit back in 2007 when he did the “300” CrossFit workout. That was all it took, & he soon became fully immersed in the sport of CrossFit. In 2011 Ray no took the plunge & decided to make coaching his career.

He drove from Canada to the US, passed his Level 1 & started coaching the following Monday. Ray lives by what he preaches, & is constantly training his weaknesses & striving to become a well-rounded athlete & role model to those he teaches.

Don’t be intimidated or fooled by his big hairy, tattooed frame & crazy Canadian accent. Underneath the beard, you’ll find he’s rarely without a smile on his face… you will be too when you hear his endless supply of stories & jokes.

A fantastic coach & a big kid at heart Ray fits right in to the Niche coaching team.

Why CrossFit?
I needed a competitive outlet after Lacrosse and I started enjoying training more than playing.

Why Coaching?
So I had a valid reason to hang out at the gym for hours on end.

Favourite WOD

Least Favourite WOD

Top Coaching Tips
I’ll go with a quote here that I think is applicable to life and fitness:

“It’s hard to follow through with a goal if it doesn’t really reflect who you are and get you where you want to be.” – Tommy Hackenbruck

Why Niche?

Quality Coaching
Many of our coaches have tertiary qualifications and practical experience in fields such as Exercise and Sport Science, Physiology and Rehabilitation to ensure you are being groomed by the best. Our entire coaching team places a focus on technique and form first and foremost so that you get results as efficiently as possible. Let us coach you to understand why CrossFit is both the safest and best way to get physically fit

Specialised Gymnastics Training
Firstly, we are the first CrossFit facility in Western Australia to offer specialised gymnastics training and classes. We are not a gymnastics studio, we do CrossFit. So our gymnastics inspired strength and skill classes are designed to make you a better CrossFit athlete, not turn you into a gymnast. The goal is always to maintain a balance between authentic gymnastics technique and drills and the goals of CrossFit athletes.

You will notice a community of athletes of all ages, sizes and athletic backgrounds. Our members include accountants, students, electricians, lawyers, stay-at-home moms, police officers, pharmacists and grandparents You will be welcomed, cheered on and people will line up to slap your hand at the end of each class. Community is the heart of CrossFit – it’s what helps you push through those last few reps and what keeps you craving and coming back for more.

That’s the beauty of it all. Our community is what drives this all home; think you will experience this at a globo gym? No way.

Quality Results
Finally, we pride ourselves on producing good looking athletes. We demand quality before intensity and skill development as opposed to just doing. This is what our reputation is built on, which is perhaps best represented by our famous tagline, ‘respect the process’. Let us mould you first and then you’ll be unleashed.
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