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CrossFit & Group Training

Together We're Stronger.

Are you in a training plateau?

We offer a variety of classes programmed to build well rounded functional fitness while learning proper movements and technique. We scale every workout to fit your current fitness level, so don’t be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone. That’s when you discover what you’re really made of!


1 hour sessions designed to get you fit!

This 1 hour class will typically consist of a skill-based group warm-up, mobility and activation work, a skill or strength component and a conditioning component (Workout of the Day or “WOD”). Classes are capped at 16 so coaches are able to guide and instruct each athlete through the session and movements required. Every workout can be scaled to the individual, considering your current fitness level and ability

Olympic Lifting

Improving technical execution of the Snatch a Clean and Jerk

Want to lift heavier weights? The primary focus of this 1 hour class is instructing and improving technical execution of the Snatch, Clean and Jerk using supplemental/progression lifts and drills to improve elements such as power and speed. Programming varies every week and is done for the class as a whole, with the exception of modifications for individual needs – movement efficiency and safety comes first!


The best way to start your weekend!

Partner workouts and Team workouts.. all the fun stuff! Not only great for those interested in competing, but also who want that extra little push with friends

CrossFit Met-Con

Sunday Funday!

Designed to test and train your endurance and conditioning with workouts a little longer than those in regular CrossFit classes.

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