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We pride ourselves on producing good looking athletes. We demand quality before intensity and skill development as opposed to just doing. This is what our reputation is built on, which is perhaps best represented by our famous tagline, ‘respect the process’. Let us mould you first and then you’ll be unleashed.

Group Training

This 1 hour class will typically consist of a skill-based group warm-up, mobility and activation work, a skill or strength component and a conditioning component (Workout of the Day or “WOD”).

Classes are capped at 16 so coaches are able to guide and instruct each athlete through the session and movements required. Every workout can be scaled to the individual, considering your current fitness level and ability

Gymnastics is an activity and sport requiring physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance and control. Performing gymnastics-inspired conditioning and basic drills provides a strong foundation for gains in overall fitness, mobility and functional strength, as well as improvements in sports performance.

There a two types of gymNASTY classes available and 6 class times on the timetable each week.


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