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Sean Harbinson





CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Senior’s First Aid
Working with Children

Trainer Introduction
Calm. Caring. Cheeky
Sean first got involved in CrossFit when he decided to hang up the footy boots and was looking for something more exciting than your ‘regular’ gym. After coming back from a surf trip as to which he embarked on shortly after joining, he was thrown into the CrossFit Open events at Niche which cemented his love for the sport and the community.

He tries not to take life too seriously and although sometimes quiet when you first meet him, once that ice is broken he is always keen for a chat and a laugh.

Why CrossFit?
I was looking for a good way to get fit and cover all my bases, the community surrounding this sport helped me push through a lot of mental barriers and boundaries of my fitness goals.

Why Coaching?
It has allowed me to pursue a career in which I am able to help people achieve their goals surrounding something that I am passionate about.

Favourite WOD
Anything with Olympic Lifting.

Least Favourite WOD
Anything with Pistol squats.

Top Coaching Tip
Make sure you enjoy your training!

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