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Nutrition Coaching

The key to your health and wellbeing


Confused by conflicting information?

Using evidence-based nutritional science plus a natural approach to health, holistic plans are formulated to support your training and wellbeing. Tailored to the individual, the Niche nutrition programs are designed to encourage and educate, leading to inherent lasting and sustainable changes.

Building on the power of what food can do for you, you’ll learn how to best use food as a foundation to improve your wellbeing and to promote a vibrant, energetic and healthy lifestyle.

Food Diary Nutrient Analysis Report

Derived from a 5-day food log, which you can complete via the My Fitness Pal’ app.

To live a healthy life and get the most out of your training it’s important to know exactly what we’re putting into our mouths each day; this is where a food analysis can help.

Niche Nutrition can produce a detailed report on how your current eating habits measure up. Are you consuming the right amount of food for your metabolism? Do you meet your daily recommended nutrient intake? What does your macro-nutrient breakdown look like?  A ‘how-to’ guide will be provided upon registration.

Food Diary
Nutrient Analysis report


Nutrition Coaching

Look into your personal goals in fitness and in health!

This session allows us to gather additional pieces of information to formulate a tailed plan to help achieve your goals whilst creating inherent lasting and sustainable changes. (NOTE: The 5-day Nutritional Analysis must be done prior to 1-on-1 coaching.

The plan will include:

  • Expansion of the recommendations provided in your 5-Day Nutritional Analysis.
  • Individualised Program including totally daily energy intake targets + macronutrient breakdown to align with your goals.
  • Anthropometrics taken.
  • Your tailored protocol is emailed to you within 2 days to help you stay on track.
  • Follow-up consults ad libitum.

Follow-Up Consultations:

A review of your goals and how you’ve been tracking since the last consultation. We determine what is working and what isn’t working in order to refine your protocol plus create a more sound and stable lifestyle routine that suits you. The follow-up sessions allow us to keep your protocol up to date and relevant as your health and goals adapt.

Nutrition Coaching
Initial consultation


Nutrition Coaching
Follow up


About Jamie

Jamie is currently undertaking a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition, plus a Graduate Diploma in Holistic Performance Nutrition. She uses a holistic and whole food approach to health and well being, working with clients to help them achieve their health and fitness goals whilst promoting sustainable and lasting changes. With a focus on important nutrients, quality ingredients, nutritional supplementation, and the biochemistry of both your food and your lifestyle, Jamie creates tailored advice and protocols to reach your health and fitness goals.

Her experience relates heavily to the fitness industry which was a journey that started 10 years ago working in a gym in Brisbane. Since then, a natural progression to CrossFit and the quality of movement and health benefits it offers to all individuals developed, which is synonymous with her holistic approach to nutrition.

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