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Creating A More Balanced Athlete

Why Yoga?

Interests outside of Yoga?

As is often the case Abbie was first attracted to the physical benefits of yoga, but over time as her practice evolved she came to realise that the mindful, meditative aspects of yoga can have an even more profoundly positive impact upon your life.

Abbie has adopted asana (posture), pranayama (breath control) and meditation as a daily practice. This trio keeps the body fit and healthy, promotes greater self-control, while cultivating a sense of calmness and well-being.

Abbie Crawford

How Yoga Compliments CrossFit

Coupling yoga with CrossFit creates a more balanced athlete.

The mindfulness aspect of yoga will increase your focus, concentration and balance in your CrossFit practice.

CrossFit is great at muscle building whereas yoga focus’ on muscle lengthening. Building flexibility, balance and range of motion through yoga will help take your CrossFit practice to the next level, especially in movements such as, overhead, back and front squats, pistols, toes-to-bar, handstands etc.

Breathing (pranayama) is an integral part of yoga which is greatly beneficial for CrossFitters as it teachers full, even, rhythmic breathing.

Yoga helps to loosen you up after training and will assist in a speedy recovery and reduce soreness.

Sessions run 6pm Monday and 6:30am Friday. Casual and 10 pack passes available.

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