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Another… tough month to choose only one AOTM…we had four names in the mix this time round. Who came out on top?? Let’s give Jamie a hearty high five for being our Athlete of the Month for November. Since jumping on board almost a year ago, Jamie has been one of our most consistent bodies in the gym and more importantly, has a smile on her face whenever she strolls in. From a coaching perspective, she is one of the most ‘coachable’ athlete in our hood (i.e. utmost respect in listening to, and applying feedback and advice in her training) AND as an added bonus, she has an extra cute fur baby for us to cuddle. Please join us in congratulating our current Athlete of the Month. Let’s learn a little more about Jamie.

Why did you start CrossFit?jamie
Prior to CrossFit I was primarily into road cycling and running, plus a little bit of weight training. I enjoyed them both, but I started getting some knee and hip problems. This, plus boredom of globo gyms started weighing heavy; I wanted something else. I came across CrossFit on the interwebs in April 2011. The thing that caught my attention were all these amazingly fit women doing incredible movements – they looked empowered and I felt inspired! At that point I was living in Townsville (North QLD) and turns out Australia’s first CrossFit Affiliate was literally 5 mins from me!

You know, I’m actually writing this on the afternoon of the day we all did Karen with a twist and it made me think of my first session at CFNQ which involved wall balls. I could barely string 5 together. Literally, BARELY. And my shoulders were as weak as a kitten. Humbled as we all are on our first week, I
remember gazing up in awe of people climbing ropes and doing muscle-ups. It was rough, but I loved the sweaty, chalky mess, loud music, the incredible feeling after each workout, and the people. It was quite like nothing I’d encountered before. I fell in love pretty quick and have been hooked ever since.

What is your most memorable moment to date?
There have been many great moments, but I guess the stand-out was getting my first ring muscle-up; what many deem the holy grail of every CrossFitter’s repertoire. It happened during 2015’s Open. I’d not been training to get them, so I surprised myself. I ended up doing 11 muscle-up’s in 15.3. I honestly thought I’d NEVER be able to do a pull-up let alone a muscle-up, so I kind of blew myself away. It left me on a high for days!

What is your most and least favourite WOD or movement?
I really love pull-ups. I guess because they were once such a weakness and are now one of my strengths. Second to that is the snatch; there’s no better feeling than landing a successful, well-executed, heavy snatch. Least favourite element is rowing, which is also my biggest weakness. Coincidence?

My favourite WOD’s would involve the likes of double-unders, box jumps, pull-ups, kettlebell swings and HSPU’s Lease favourite WOD is 2014’s CF Games Triple 3:

3,000m Row
300 double-unders
3 mile Run

What tip would you give to someone just starting in CrossFit?

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously, enjoy yourself, and don’t be afraid to spread the love and be proud!!
  • Understand that sometimes it’s really going to suck, but if you’re patient and consistent, results will come. The exciting thing is that if you’re a beginner, results come fairly quickly.
  • Bring no ego. Do your best and try not to compare yourself to others that have been training for years. Let them be your inspiration instead.
  • Do more burpees.

What is one random, non-CrossFit ‘thing’ about yourself?
I love baking!